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Determining Age By Inspecting The Teeth 
In Dogs And Cats
Getting an accurate age by inspecting a dog 
or cat's teeth can be a challenge

Did you ever wonder how a dog or cat's age can be estimated by the character and condition of their teeth?  How accurate is a judgment about a pet's age based on teeth and gum condition.  

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How can I tell how old my new rescue dog is by looking at her teeth?  My veterinarian thinks she is about 10 years old but I think she's much younger.

   Dental problems in dogs and cats commonly arise due to lack of consistent friction across the tooth and gum surfaces.  

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Answer:  dogs and cats... teeth... determine age
     It is possible to give an approximate age of a dog or cat when they are very young because their front 6 incisors, called deciduous ("baby") teeth, will start to fall out by 4 months.  The adult teeth are all visible by approximately 6 months of age when the adult cat teeth and early signs of agingmolars and canine teeth are present. After about a year of age, precise ageing gets much more difficult. Generally, an experienced veterinarian or animal caretaker will look at the degree of tartar, enamel wear, and general state of the teeth and gums (called gingiva) to give a general guess as to the age. This is usually referred  to in terms such as "young adult" or "older". 

Unfortunately, many factors adversely wear or damage the teeth and gums.  Genetics, diet, trauma, and behavior all influence the condition of the teeth.  Certain breeds, too, have very healthy teeth and gums well into their older age; others begin to need dentistry as early as 2 or 3 years of age.

Doctor's Notes
     In some breeds of dogs there is a fold in the lower lips below the large canine teeth.  Lipfold pyoderma, a moist, inflamed and odorous infection of this fold in the skin of the lower lips, commonly affects Spaniels and St. Bernards. 

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Tratar has built up over many years in this dog retained deciduous teeth in a dog worn enamel occurs over time tartar and mild gingivitis on a dog's tooth
This dog is likely to be over 10 years of age based upon the amount of tartar present The condition of the adult teeth as well as persistent "baby" teeth retained suggest this dog is probably about 2 to 4 years of age Slight wearing down of the teeth may suggest middle age... 5 to 7 years. This canine tooth has thick calculus (tartar) building up but the gum line is just beginning to be eroded... suggesting middle age 

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